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Antonio Marquina, Hans Günter Brauch (Eds.): The Mediterranean Space and its Boundaries. Geographic, Strategic, Political, Economic and Environmental Definitions and Assessments
(Madrid: UNISCI, Mosbach: AFES-PRESS, September 2001)

Gracia Abad (UNISCI, Complutense University of Madrid) is a Ph. D. candidate in international politics, Complutense University of Madrid; junior researcher at UNISCI. She has published Los foros de Seguridad y Cooperación en Asia Pacífico. UNISCI Papers No. 21 (Madrid: UNISCI, 2000).

Mustafa Aydin (Ankara University, Turkey) obtained his Ph.D. from the Department of Politics and International Relations, Lancaster University, UK. He is Associate Professor of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University, Ankara; and Director of the Central Asia Desk, Centre for Eurasian Strategic Studies, Ankara, Turkey. He is author of Turkish Foreign Policy During the Gulf War (1998), Turkish Foreign Policy Towards the Year 2000 (1998, in Turkish), Central Asia and the Caucasus: Conflict and Security in the Post-Soviet Space (1999); New Geopolitics of Central Asia and the Caucasus: Causes of Instability and Predicament (2000); and editor of the Turkish Yearbook of International Relations and of the Review of International and Strategic Affairs.

Carlos Echeverría (UNED - Open University Madrid, Spain) obtained his Ph.D. in Political Science from CUM. He is a professor of international relations at UNED, an analyst at the Centre for Analysis and Prospective of the Guardia Civil, and a lecturer at the NATO Defense College, Rome. He was a fellow at the WEU Institute for Security Studies, Paris, a research associate at the Centro Superior de Estudios de la Defensa National (CESEDEN), and a visiting scientist at the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) in Sevilla. He is author of: Cooperation in Peacekeeping Among the Euro-Mediterranean Armed Forces. Chaillot Paper No. 35 (Paris: WEU Institute for Security Studies, February 1999; "Euro-Mediterranean Political Relations: Confidence- and Security-Building Measures", in: ELIAMEP Occasional Papers, No. 97.7 (Athens, 1997); "Las operaciones de paz en Africa. Problemas y perspectives", in: Centro de Información y de Documentación Africanas (CIDAF), Vol. 16, 4 (July-August 2000); "La Unión del Magreb Arabe: un balance", in: CIDAF, Vol. 5, 7 (April 1991). He is a contributor to Política Exterior and Informe de Política Exterior.

Ephraim Kam served as a Colonel in the Research Division of the Military Intelligence, Israel Defence Forces. By 1993 he retired from the IDF and joined the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel-Aviv University, where he serves since 1995 as the deputy director. He obtained his Ph.D from the Department of Government, Harvard University, USA. He specializes in security problems of the Middle East, Iranian strategy, Israel's national security issues, as well as strategic intelligence. Publications: Surprise Attack: The Victim's Perspective (1988); The Changes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe: Implications on the Middle East (1991, in Hebrew); The Political Framework of the Palestinian Entity (1993, in Hebrew). He is also the editor of The Middle East Military Balance 1994 - 95 (1996). He recently completed a book on the Iranian challenge.

Alberto Priego (UNISCI, Complutense University of Madrid) is a Ph. D. candidate in international politics, Complutense University of Madrid; junior researcher at UNISCI. He is webmaster of UNISCI website. He has published: La evolución del conflicto en Chechenia. UNISCI Papers No. 20 (Madrid: UNISCI, 2000).

Félix Sanz Roman (Major General). He graduated in the Artillery School in July 1966 as First Lt.. He had the following assignments: El AAIUN as executive officer in a Multiple Rocket Launcher Battery and then in a HAWK ADA missile Battery, the 11th Field Artillery Regiment, where he commanded a M107 self-propelled battery: the 12th Armoured Brigade, as assistant staff officer for operations. He worked for the US-Spanish Joint Combined Planning Staff as Commander of the Headquarters Battery and the Services Battery of the 11th Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion, as instructor in the Artillery Academy (Field Artillery Branch), Assistant Military Attaché of the Spanish Embassy in Washington DC, member of the Plans and Policy Division of the Army Staff in Madrid, as Commander of the 12th Self Propelled Field Artillery Battalion (Armoured Division), Deputy Commander, Spanish Military Mission to SACEUR, Branch Chief for International Relations at Plans and Policy Division, Army Staff, Chief of the NATO/UEO Branch, Directorate for Defence Policy, and as Deputy Director General for Defence Policy (International Affairs) at the Ministry of Defence.

Mohammad El-Sayed Selim (Egypt): He is a professor of International Relations at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University and director of its Center for Asian Studies and an active member of the EURO-MESCO network. He is the author of many publications on Security issues in Arabic and English including: (Ed.): The New World Order (in Arabic), 1994; The Arms Control Dimension of the Middle East Peace Process, 1994; "Egypt's Mediterranean Policy", published by Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Strategic Papers series, 1995; "Weapons of mass destruction in the Euro-Mediterranean partnership: An Arabic perspective, paper submitted to EUROMESCO, 1997; "The arms control process in the Middle East: Some East Asian comparisons", in: Mohammad Selim; Ibrahim Arafat (Eds.): The Egyptian-Korean Dialogue, 1997 published by the Center for Asian Studies, Cairo University 1997. His major books include: Non-alignment in a Changing World, 1983, Foreign Policy Analysis, 1989 and 1998; Relations among Muslim States, 1991; in addition several edited books.

Abdelkader Sid Ahmed (Algeria/France): PhD, Professor for the Study of Economic and Social Development, University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne and senior researcher at I.R.D. (Institut pour la recherche et le développement); Algerian delegate at the Paris conference on a New International Economic Order (1976-1979); counsellor of the Algerian ministry of energy and petrochemical industry (1979-1980); member of the long-term strategy of OPEC; economic adviser of President Mohamed Boudiaf (January - July 1992); consultant of several international and multilateral institutions (UNESCO, OPEC, EU, UNCTAD, UNIDO, UNDP). Publications: L'OPEP: passé, présent et perspectives: éléments pour une économie politique des économie rentières, 1979; Croissance et développement: L'expérience des économies du Tiers-Monde. Théorie et pratique, 2 vol., 1981; Économie de l'industrialisation a partir des ressources naturelles, 2 vol., 1989; with Ch. Reynaud (Eds.): L'avenir de l'espace méditerranéen; Un projet pour L'Algérie, 1995; Économie politique de la transition dans les pays en développement: le cas de la Syrie, 1996; (Ed.): Économie du Maghreb: l'impératif de Barcelone, 1998.

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