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Contents of
Antonio Marquina, Hans Günter Brauch (Eds.): The Mediterranean Space and its Boundaries. Geographic, Strategic, Political, Economic and Environmental Definitions and Assessments
(Madrid: UNISCI, Mosbach: AFES-PRESS, September 2001)

Part I: Introduction: Defining the Mediterranean Space

Chapter 1: Antonio Marquina, CUM Madrid: Introduction

Chapter 2: Hans Günter Brauch, FU Berlin: Mediterranean Space and Boundaries

Part II: Geo-strategic and Geopolitical Aspects of the Mediterranean

Chapter 3: General Félix Sanz, Deputy Director, DIGENPOL, Spanish Defence Ministry: Geo-strategic Analysis of the Mediterranean Region at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Consequences for the Definition of the Mediterranean Space

Chapter 4: Antonio Marquina, CUM Madrid: The Definition of the Euro-Mediterranean Region of the Barcelona Process. Design and Weaknesses

Part III: Political, Economic and Environmental Assessments of the Mediterranean

Chapter 5: Abdelkader Sid Ahmed, Sorbonne, Paris: the Mediterranean: a virtual geo-economic space

Chapter 6: Hans Günter Brauch, FU Berlin: The Mediterranean 'Space' Beyond Géopolitique and Globalization: Common 'Space' - Divided 'Region'

Part IV: Political, Economic and Environmental Assessments of the Mediterranean

Chapter 7: Mohammad Selim, Cairo University: The Impact of the Red Sea and the Arabian Peninsula on Mediterranean Stability

Chapter 8: Mustafa Aydin, Ankara University: The Impact of the Caucasus on Mediterranean Stability

Chapter 9: Ephraim Kam, Deputy Director, Jaffee Centre: The Impact of Central Asian Republics and the Eastern Part of the Middle East on Mediterranean Stability

Chapter 10: Carlos Echeverria, Madrid: The Southern Boundary: The Sahel Zone Part V: Brainstorming and Conclusions

Chapter 11: Antonio Marquina and assistant, CUM Madrid: Proposals for a pragmatic Definition of the Mediterranean space for security and stability. Participants: G. Abad, M. Aydin, H.G. Brauch, C. Echeverria, V. Garrido, E. Kam, A. Marquina, A. Priego, J.J.A. Sainz de la Peña, F. Sanz, M. Selim, A. Sid Ahmed



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