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On the Editors of
Antonio Marquina, Hans Günter Brauch (Eds.): The Mediterranean Space and its Boundaries. Geographic, Strategic, Political, Economic and Environmental Definitions and Assessments
(Madrid: UNISCI, Mosbach: AFES-PRESS, September 2001)

Antonio Marquina: since 1999 Catedrático, Complutense University Madrid (CUM), PhD in International Relations, since 1985 professor of international relations and security studies at Complutense University in Madrid (CUM), founder and director of the Research Unit on Security and Cooperation (UNISCI) at CUM. He directed 14 research projects on European, Mediterranean, North African and Caucasus security and on Spanish foreign and security policy. From 1996 to 1997 he was the first president of STRADEMED, a network of research institutes working on security, defence and development issues in the Mediterranean. Publications: He is the author, editor and co-author of 72 books and reports in English and Spanish, among them: La diplomacia vaticana y la España de Franco (1939-1945), 1983; España en la política de seguridad occidental (1939-1986), 1986; España y los judios en el siglo XX, la acción exterior, (1987); (Ed.): La descolonización de Gibraltar, 1983; (Ed.): Estrategia del Mediterraneo Occidental y del Magreb, 1983; El impacto de la Segunda Guerra Mundial en Europa y España, 1986; (Ed.): Desarme Convencional y seguridad europea, 1990; Un nuevo orden de seguridad para Oriente Medio, 1991; (Ed.): Seguridad en el Mediterráneo: Nuevos Planteamientos, 1992; (Ed.): Europa y el Magreb,concertación, cooperación y desafios, 1993) (Ed.): El Flanco Sur de la OTAN, 1993; (Coed): Nuclear Non-proliferation and the Mediterranean, 1994; (Co-ed.) with H.G. Brauch: Confidence Building and Partnership in the Western Mediterranean. Tasks for Preventive Diplomacy and Conflict Avoidance, 1994; (Ed.): España y la Segunda Guerra Mundial, 1995; (Ed.): The implications of NPT Conference of 1996, 1996; (Ed.): El Caucaso: rivalidades y estrategias, 1997; (Ed.): La Cumbre de Madrid y el Futuro de la Alianza Atlántica, 1997; (Ed.): Elites and Change in the Mediterranean, 1997; (Ed.): Flujos Migratorios Norteafricanos Hacia La Union Europea. Asociacion y Diplomacia Preventiva, 1997; (Ed.): Mutual Perceptions in the Mediterranean, 1998; (ed.): España en la nueva estructura militar de la OTAN (1999); (Co-ed.) with H.G. Brauch, A. Biad: Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for the 21st Century (2000); (Co-ed.) with H.G. Brauch: Political Stability and Energy Cooperation in the Mediterranean (2000).

Hans Günter Brauch: Dr. phil. habil, Privatdozent at the Faculty of Political Science and Social Sciences, Free University of Berlin, since 1987 chairman of Peace Research and European Security Studies (AFES-PRESS). He was guest professor of international relations at the universities of Frankfurt on Main, Leipzig and Greifswald. From 1976-1989 he was research associate at Heidelberg and Stuttgart universities, a research fellow at Harvard and Stanford University and he was also teaching at the universities of Darmstadt, Tübingen, Stuttgart and Heidelberg. Since 1997 he has also lectured at Complutense University, Madrid and since 1999 at the European Peace University in Schlaining (Austria). Publications: He has published more than 30 books in English and German. Recent German monographs: with H. v.d. Graaf, J. Grin, W. Smit: Militärtechnikfolgenabschätzung und präventive Rüstungskontrolle, 1997; Klimapolitik der Schwellenstaaten Südkorea, Mexiko und Brasilien; Osterweiterung der Europäischen Union. Umwelt- und Energiepolitik der Tschechischen Republik, 2000. Books in English: (Co-ed. with D.L. Clark): Decisionmaking for Arms Limitation - Assessments and Prospects, 1983; (Ed.): Star Wars and European Defence - Implications for Europe: Perceptions and Assessments, 1987; (Co-author with R. Bulkeley): The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and World Security, 1988; (Ed.): Military Technology, Armaments Dynamics and Disarmament, 1989; (Co-ed. with R. Kennedy): Alternative Conventional Defense Postures in the European Theater, Vol. 1: The Military Balance and Domestic Constraints, 1990; Vol. 2: Political Change in Europe: Military Strategy and Technology, 1992; Vol. 3: Military Alternatives for Europe after the Cold War, 1993; (Co-ed. with H.J. v.d. Graaf, J. Grin; W. Smit): Controlling the Development and Spread of Military Technology, 1992; (Co-ed. with A. Marquina): Confidence Building and Partnership in the Western Mediterranean. Tasks for Preventive Diplomacy and Conflict Avoidance, 1994; Energy Policy in North Africa (1950-2050). From Hydrocarbon to Renewables, 1997; Co-editor with A. Marquina, A. Biad): Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for the 21st Century (2000); (Co-ed.) with A Marquina: Political Stability and Energy Cooperation in the Mediterranean (2000); Liberalisation of the Energy Market for Electricity and Gas in the European Union: a Survey and implications for the Czech Republic (2001).

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