Book Distributor

  • AFES-PRESS distributes exclusively all over the globe its own AFES-PRESS Reports and the sub-series: peace and security studies (red), energy studies (yellow), environment (green) and climate (blue) studies.

  • Since 1998 AFES-PRESS has co-published several titles of the Collection STRADEMED and it distributes the Collection STRADEMED globally.

  • Since 2000 AFES-PRESS is the distributor for Editions Publisud (Paris) to German speaking countries.

  • Since 2002 AFES-PRESS distributes books by Hans Günter Brauch that have been out of print with their publishers for some time as long as copies are still available.

AFES - PRESS Reports

AFES-PRESS Reports have been published and distributed since 1988.

Editions Publisud (Paris)

Books by Hans Günter Brauch


  • AFES-PRESS sells all books only at the official list price.

  • AFES-PRESS grants the ordinary discount to bookstore with a 30 day credit.

  • For individual customers AFES-PRESS sells books at the list price without discount. Please add 10% for packing, postage and handling. All orders by individual customers from abroad must be pre-paid by Master credit card.
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