Order Forms and Conditions


You may order directly from AFES-PRESS all titles of its AFES-PRESS Reports, of the Collection Strademed (only orders from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Europe and from English speaking countries) of Publisud (only orders from Germany, Austria, Switzerland) as well as other publications of Hans Günter Brauch.

All listed titles may also be ordered through any good bookstore around the globe.

If you would like to order directly from AFES-PRESS then you should use the relevant order form you can download here as pdf files and then send by FAX to: [49]-6261-15695.

All necessary order information is included in these order forms:


  • AFES-PRESS sells all books only at the official list price.

  • AFES-PRESS grants the ordinary discount to bookstores with a 30 day credit.

  • For individual customers AFES-PRESS sells books at the list price without discount. Please add 10% for packing, postage and handling. All orders by individual customers from abroad must be pre-paid by Master card.
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