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Since its foundation as a non-profit scientific society in 1987, AFES-PRESS has conducted research, conference, publication, editorial and teaching projects and participated in international an bilateral scientific cooperation:

  1. Research Projects

  2. Editorial Projects

  3. Teaching Projects

  4. International Scientific Cooperation

  5. Publication Projects

1. Research Projects

1.1. Berghof-Foundation on Conflict and Peace Research

  • Destabilising Strategic Weapons Technologies (1983-87)
  • Armament Dynamics and East-West Conflict in the Nuclear Age (1988-93)
  • Arms Policy after the Global Turn. Looking Ahead to 2020 (2001-2004)

1.2. Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

  • Environmental security: Climate Change, Environmental Stress and Conflicts (2001-2002)·
  • Crisis prevention: Use of international environment cooperation for crisis prevention and disaster reduction (2002-2003)

1.3. Federal Environmental Agency

  • Climate Policy of Threshold States: South Korea, Mexico, Brazil
  • Energy and Environment Policy in the Czech Republic
  • Information Papers on the Climate Policies of six States

1.4. NATO Sponsored Projects

  • NATO Defence Research Fellowship (1987/1988)
  • Workshop in Vienna (1998)
  • Workshop in Canterbury (2001)

1.5. Office for Technology Assessment of the German Parliament

  • Research Project: Preventive Arms Control and Military Technology Impact Assessment

1.6. World Bank (for the Provention Consortium)

  • Talk and Book chapter for Conference at the World Bank on Safer Cities [], December 2002

1.7. European Commission

  • Keynote address at the first GMES Forum in Brussels, July 2002

2. Editorial Projects

2.1. German-American Editorial Projects

  • Arms Control Decision Making (with Duncan Clarke, American University: 1 book, 1983)
  • Alternative Conventional Defense Posture for Central Europe (with Robert Kennedy, Director, George C. Marshall Centre: 3 books, 1990, 1992, 1993)

2.2. German-Czech Energy and Environment Project

  • UBA Project under leadership of GERTEC (2 books, 1 website)

2.3. German-Dutch Conference and Editorial Projects

  • Conference Project in 1991 (1 book, 1992)
  • Book Project in 1994-1996 (1 book, 1997)

2.4. German-Spanish Conference and Editorial Projects
Studies in Cooperation with UNISCI (Madrid)

  • Workshop: Confidence Building Measures for the Mediterranean (1993, 1 report in 1994, UNISCI edition, AFES-PRESS edition)
  • Book: Energy Policy of North Africa (1997)
  • Book chapters: Migration from North Africa to Europe (1997)
  • Four joined books in the series: Collection Strademed

3. Ongoing Teaching Projects

3.1. Free University of Berlin (since 1999)

  • Annual seminar 2000: Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: Security - Rule - Economy - Future
  • Annual seminar 2001: Conflicts, Conflict Resolution and Conflict Prevention in the Mediterranean
  • Annual seminar 2002: Environmental Security in the Mediterranean (in preparation)
  • Annual seminar 2003: Environment and Security in the 21st century

  • Annual seminar 2004: Fatal Outcomes of Global Change: Disasters, Environmental Refugees, Crises and Environmental Conflicts: A Task for International Conflict Prevention

4. International Scientific Cooperation

4.1. IPRA Weapons Technology and Disarmament Study Group

  • Chairmanship of an international research commission
  • Publications

4.2. Pan European Conferences on International Relations

  • Co-Chairmanship of a Workshop in Vienna in 1998
  • Publication
  • Co-Chairmanship of a Workshop in Canterbury in 2001
  • Planned Publication

4.3. STRADEMED Activities

  • STRADEMED goals
  • AFES-PRESS Activities in STRADEMED
  • Co-publication of selected volumes in Collection STRADEMED

5. Publication Projects

5.1 AFES-PRESS Publishers: non-profit publishing (since 1987)

  • Publication of Research Reports on policy relevant security issues
  • Publication of MA and Diploma Theses (support for young researchers)
  • Publication of IPRA Study Group papers

5.2 AFES-PRESS Virtual Library: under development

  • Goals: Facilitate scientific communication across language barriers in the Mediterranean: English, French, Spanish
  • Realisation: Preparation in spring 2002
  • Information for publishers, institutions and authors

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