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Oswald Spring

Prof. Dr. Úrsula Oswald Spring,
former Minister of Environment (1994-1998) As the former President of IPRA (1998-2000) (Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico) since 2005

Former Chairpersons

Amb. Dr. Jonathan Dean,
As the Adviser for Global Security Questions Union of Concerned Scientists (Washington, DC, USA) since 1991-2014
Obituary (English), Nachruf (German)

Crowfoot_Hodgkin Fritz Raff
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
(1910-1994) United Kingdom Nobel Laureate for Chemistry (1964) As a member of the Pugwash Movement (1987-1991)

Fritz Raff
(1948-2011) Germany As Lord Mayor of Mosbach (1989-1991)


Prof. Ken Booth (UK)
Prof. Dr. Navnita Chadha Behera (India)
Prof. Dr. Bechir Chourou (Tunisia)
Prof. Dr. Pal Dunay (Hungary)
Amb. Dr. Raymond L. Garthoff (USA)
Prof. Dr. Michael Geyer (D/USA)
Prof. Dr. Nils-Petter Gleditsch (N)
Prof. Dr. Gary Guertner (USA)
Prof. Dr. Andy Haines (UK)
Dr. Bassam Hayek (Jordan)
Prof. Dr. Vilho Harle (F)
Prof. Alain Joxe (F)
Prof. Dr. P. Kameri-Mbote (Kenya)
Prof. Robert Kennedy (USA)
Amb. Prof. Dr. Jannis Kinnas (Greece)
Prof. Dr. Richard Ned Lebow (USA)

Prof. Dr. Andrew Mack (AUS, CA)
Dr. Andreas Maurer (D)
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Neuhold (A)
Dr. Jan Oberg (S)
Prof. Dr. Mitsuo Okamoto (J)
Prof. Luc Reychler (B)
Dr. Julian P.P. Robinson (UK)
Prof. Dr. Paul Rogers (UK)
Prof. F. Rojas Aravenna (Chile)
Prof. Dr. Bruce Russett (USA)
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Schneider (D/A)
Prof. Seiitsu Tachibana (J)
Prof. Dr. Kosta Tsipis (USA)
Prof. Dr. Raimo Väyrynen (SF)
Prof. Dr. Jaap de Wilde (NL)
Dr. Paul Walker (USA)

The following members have passed away and memorials can be found
by clicking their names below:

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