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Contents of
 Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for the 21st Century
edited by
Hans Günter Brauch, Antonio Marquina, Abdelwahab Biad 
with the assistance of Peter Liotta

Part I: The CBM Concept Revisited:
What Can We Learn from CSCE/OSCE Experience for the Mediterranean Region

1. Hans Günter Brauch, Antonio Marquina, Abdelwahab Biad: Introduction; Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for the 21st Century

2. Hans Günter Brauch: From Confidence to Partnership Building Measures in Europe and the Mediterranean: Conceptual and Political Efforts Revisited

Part II: CBMs for the Mediterranean: The Northern debate

3. Antonio Marquina: Review of Initiatives on CBMs and CSBMs in the Mediterranean

4. Monika Wohlfeld/Elizabeth Abela: The Mediterranean Dimension of the OSCE: Confidence-Building in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

5. Jean-François Daguzan: Confidence Building Measures, Disarmament and Crisis Prevention: A View from the North

Part III: CBMs for the Mediterranean:
Southern Perceptions and Debate

6. Abdelwahab Biad: The Debate on CBMs in the Southern Mediterranean

7. Mohammad El-Sayed Selim: Southern Mediterranean Perceptions of Security Co-operation and the Role of NATO

8. Abdelkader Sid Ahmed: Economic Convergence and “Catching up” in the Mediterranean: Diagnosis, Prospects and Limitations of the Barcelona Process and Elements for a Strategy

9. Béchir Chourou: Security Partnership and Democratisation: Perception of the Activities of Northern Security Institutions in the South

Part IV: Experience with CBMs in
Bosnia-Hercegovina and Cyprus

10. Philippe Ch.-A. Guillot: Confidence Building in Bosnia and Hercegovina: The Role of the OSCE

11. Peter Liotta: Making Dayton Work: NATO, SFOR, and the Difficult Peace

12. Heinz A. Richter: Cyprus – The Perennial Conflict

Part V: Outlook: From Confidence Building Measures
to Partnership Building Projects
for the Mediterranean in the 21st Century

13. Antonio Marquina: Short Term Proposals for Partnership Building Measures and Conflict Prevention

14. Abdelwahab Biad: Code of Conduct for Good-neighbourly Relations in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

15. Hans Günter Brauch: Partnership Building Measures for Long-term Non-military Challenges Affecting North-South Relations

16. Hans Günter Brauch, Abdelwahab Biad, Antonio Marquina: Beyond Stuttgart: Prospects for Confidence and Partnership Building Measures in Euro-Mediterranean Relations for the 21st Century

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