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On the Authors

Mustafa Aydin (Ankara University, Turkey) obtained his Ph.D. from the Department of politics and International Relations, Lancaster University, UK. He is Associate Professor of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University, Ankara; visiting lecturer on Caucasian affairs at the NATO Defense College, Rome; and Director of the Central Asia Desk, Centre for Eurasia Strategic Studies, Ankara, Turkey. He is author of Turkish Foreign Policy During the Gulf War (1998), Turkish Foreign Policy Towards the Year 2000 (1998, in Turkish), Central Asia and the Caucasus: Conflict and Security in the Post-Soviet Space (1999); and editor of the Turkish Yearbook of International Relations.

Alejandro Diz Rodríguez (UNISCI, Complutense University of Madrid) is a Ph.D. Candidate in International Politics, Complutense University of Madrid; Junior Researcher at UNISCI. He contributed several chapters reviewing the debates in: A. Marquina (Ed.): Mutual Perceptions in the Mediterranean. Unity and Diversity (1998) and in: A. Marquina (Ed.): España en la nueva estructura militar de la OTAN (1999).

Annie Jafalian (Paris, France) is a Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science, Jean Moulin University (Centre for International Security and Defence Studies, Lyon), Associate Researcher at the European Centre for Conflict Studies (Foundation for Strategic Research, Paris). She published: ”Le pétrole, un facteur de stabilisation dans le Caucase?”, in: Stratégique, 2/3 1998, no. 70/71: 69-102.

Abdelnour Keramane (Khan Consultants. Algeria) obtained an engineer degree from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris (1962). He was Minister of Professional Training (1989-1991) and of Mines and Industry (1991-1993) in the Algerian government and from 1993-1998 he was the managing director of the Transmediterranean Pipeline Company. He was the President of the Algerian Committee of the World Energy Conference (1970-1981), the founder and president of COMELEC (Comité Maghrébin de L’Electricité) in 1972 and he is the Vice President of the Algerian Gas Union. He published in French or English: Electrification of Algeria (1979); Electrical engineering in developing countries (198a); Role of scientific and technical research in the Algerian development (1985); Development of Arab countries with regard to the electrical energy sector (1987); Practical application of public enterprise reforms (1988); Energy and its distribution in the Mediterranean Sea (1996).

José Antonio Sáinz de la Peña (UNISCI, Complutense University of Madrid) is a retired Army Colonel. He obtained an engineer degree in Cartography and Geodesic. He was Attaché at the Spanish Embassies at Algiers and Rabat; member of the staff of the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Defence and member of the Joint Staff of the Army as Chief of the Logistic Section; Senior Researcher at UNISCI. He is the author of Las fuerzas armadas del Magreb (1994), Confidence Building in the Frame of the Cultural Dialogue (1994a), La evolución del islamismo radical en el Magreb (1994b), Los servicios de información en un estado democrático (UNISCI Paper 5, 1996), La política de inmigración española (1997), La inestabilidad en el Magreb (UNISCI Paper 10, 1998), Estabilidad y cambio en la República Islámica de Irán (UNISCI Paper 15, 2000).

Bassam Tibi was born in Damascus in 1944. He is professor of international relations at the University of Göttingen (Germany), and the Bosch Fellow at Harvard University. He is author of several books in English and German, including: The Challenge of Fundamentalism. Political Islam and the New World Disorder; Arab Nationalism. Between Islam and the Nation State; Conflict and War in the Middle East. From Interstate War to New Security; Fundamentalismus im Islam. Eine Gefahr für den Weltfrieden?; Kreuzzug und Djihad. Der Islam und die christliche Welt.

Javier de Quinto (San Pablo - CEU University, Madrid) is Professor of Industrial Economics at San Pablo-CEU University; Senior Researcher at UNISCI. He obtained his Ph.D. from the Department of Economics, Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. He has worked for Ernst & Young (1979-1982), Repsol (1982-1989), the Spanish National Industry Institute (1989-1992) and the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Energy (1994-1996). He has collaborated with Price Waterhouse Coopers and Uría & Menéndez as a consultant. He published several articles in Spanish academic reviews on energy and economic issues and: Industrial Policy in Spain: A Sector Analysis (1994); Aspectos económicos y logísticos relativos a los hidrocarburos del mar Caspio (UNISCI Paper 14, 1999).

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