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Contents of
 Political Stability and Energy Cooperation in the Mediterranean
edited by
 Antonio Marquina and Hans Günter Brauch,

Antonio Marquina: Introduction and Acknowledgements

Part I: Stability in the Mediterranean

Chapter 1  Bassam Tibi:Stability and Islamisation of Politics in North Africa

Chapter 2  José Antonio Sáinz de la Peña: Political Stability in the Maghreb

Part II: Energy Policy in the Mediterranean

Chapter 3  Abdelnour Keramane: Energy Cooperation and Stability in the Mediterranean

Chapter 4  Hans Günter Brauch: Sustainable EU Energy Policy Between Market Liberalisation and Environmental Obligations: Implications for the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation

Part III: Political Instability in the Caucasus

Chapter 5  Mustafa Aydin: Political (In)stability in the Caucasus

Chapter 6  Annie Jafalian: Regional Security Policies in Armenia and Azerbaijan: The Difficult Transition in Perceptions and Strategies

Part IV: Energy Issues and EU Policies on the Caucasus

Chapter 7  Javier de Quinto: Economic and Political Aspects of Hydrocarbons in the Caspian Sea Region

Chapter 8  Antonio Marquina: Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union towards the Caucasus

Part V: Debates and Proposals

Chapter 9  Alejandro Diz Rodrigues: Debates and Proposals on Political Stability and Energy Cooperation in the Mediterranean: A Documentation


Documents on Euro-Mediterranean Energy Policy



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